Alaska Memorials & Monuments offers a variety of production styles.

Our custom Laser Etched memorials allow us to reproduce photo quality images on granite (such as a perfect black and white photo image rather than standard clip-art).  Our designer will use photo editing software to create a BMP file containing photographs, lettering, and designs that will be etched on the memorial.  We then utilize our photo engraving software to process the design before sending it to our laser etching machine.  The laser etching machine removes the polished surface of the granite to produce a permanent, photo-quality "print" on the stone's surface.  Please see our photo gallery for examples of our laser etched memorials.

We can also provide standard sandblasted memorials.  The sandblasting process removes the polished surface of the stone beneath in order to reveal varying depths of lettering and designs.  Our designers will create lettering and designs that will be sandblasted into the memorial.  (Line art and clip art can be sandblasted while actual photos cannot.)  Once the design is complete, we will cut a stencil that is placed on the stone that will then be placed in our sandblasting cabinet for final hand production.  Please see our photo gallery for an example of our sandblasted memorials.

Please note that some cemeteries have specific requirements for memorials (size/weight restrictions, style, engraving, etc.) You will need to acquire this information from the specific cemetery in which the memorial is to be placed.